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Background System
Reflectors and Brollies
Studio Flash Lighting
Continuous Video Lighting
Light Stands
Product Photography
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FotoQuantum manufactures professional photo & video studio equipment. We are present throughout Europe in 27 countries with background systems and studio backdrops, reflectors and brollies, studio flash lights, continuous video lights, light stands and softboxes. We also offer a large range of product photography equipment as well as studio accessories and camera accessories.

Background System

Colorquantum Vinyl
Background - Black
2.75x6m + Wall Mount
Background Set (Brackets
& Expander with metal

FotoQuantum Telescopic
Background System 3m +
Cloth Backgrounds
White/Grey 3x6m

ColorQuantum Set Vinyl
Backgrounds 2x6m
White/Black with
aluminium core

ColorQuantum Vinyl
Background Grey 2x6m
(aluminium core) with
Background Support Set,
Metal chain

€ 285.26
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€ 229.75
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€ 245.30
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€ 227.54
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Continuous Video Lighting

FotoQuantum 85W Spiral
Bulb E27 (equivalent to

FotoQuantum StudioMax
Daylight 2250W +
Octagonal Softbox 90cm
with Light Stand 2.5m

ColorQuantum Vinyl
Background White 2x6m
(aluminium core) with
Background Support Set,
Metal chain and Daylight
Kit 2250/2250W + Light
stands 2.5m

FotoQuantum Daylight
600/600 Kit (4x30W) +
Telescopic Background
System 3m + Backgrounds
Cloth Black/White 3x6m

€ 37.73
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€ 233.09
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€ 643.79
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€ 439.54
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Studio Flash Lighting

FotoQuantum LightPro
Flash Tube FQM-250

FotoQuantum Studio Flash
Kit FQM-250/250 Plus
(Bowens mount) with Light
stands 2.5m + Foldable
Beauty Dish/Softbox 80cm
with grid & Flash Trigger

FotoQuantum Flash Kit
FQM-500 Plus (Bowens
mount) with Light stand
2.5m + Softbox 60x90cm

FotoQuantum LightPro
Studio Flash Trigger

€ 27.75
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€ 443.99
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€ 251.96
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€ 49.94
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